“You will never be able to escape from your heart.  So it is better to listen to what it has to say” – Paulo Coehlo

Sometimes a little passion becomes a little business – in the Summer of 2017 I had put aside my application to further my studies and announced to my husband that I was rather starting my own business…making my little hairy ball kokedama plants!

With my qualification in Consumer Studies I eventually became a part-time high school teacher in Cape Town.   When my eldest daughter Annabella was born in 2010 I started my journey as a  stay-at-home mom – Loving every minute of raising her and Katinka, born in 2013.  Eventually the girls would start school and I felt the need to do something.  So The Little Fat Plant was born in my kitchen early 2017.

During the first 2 and a half years my business had grown into a comfortable, small, home-based, mornings-only hobby.  I realised that small does not always mean mediocre or unimportant. My business was always going to be a one-woman-concern. (I should just mention that I have 3 studio assistants:  Petunia the Pug, Chocolate Charlie and Lovely Lulu the Labradors.)

In the afternoons I am a full-time mommy to the 2 most special little souls I could ever have imagine would bless me and give me my ultimate purpose.

In my little home-based studio in the quirky northern suburbs of Cape Town I have more blessings than I can count – my 2 special girls, 3 dog shadows, a supportive husband and the most blessed, diverse and friendly clients – who become like friends…sharing my immense love for plants.

To end off with the introduction…If you listen to your heart your joys will be in abundance.  I hope to be able to call myself a self-made part-time botanist one-day…but for now, I am actually just a mom.


Merlise Howell


You can reach out to me via my contact page or just hit me up with the details  below.

Phone:  084 900 1234

Email:  info@thelittlefatplant.co.za

Visits by appointment only.